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A: If you don't have clear labels on outlets, light switches, and your circuit breaker panel, the answer is likely yes. This creates frustration for maintenance teams and poses safety risks. CircuitIQ solves this issue.

A: Accurate electrical maps are the backbone of efficient and safe electrical work:

Save Time: No more wasted hours tracing wires manually. CircuitIQ lets you identify the right breaker instantly, speeding up troubleshooting and repairs.

Identify Safety Hazards: CircuitIQ testing revealed safety issues in nearly 50% of sites. Our system pinpoints problems like overloaded circuits or grounding faults, helping you prevent accidents. Additionally, we document deficiencies through a visual/manual inspection.

Code Compliance: Accurate circuit maps are often required by electrical codes – CircuitIQ helps you stay compliant and avoid fines.

A: CircuitIQ provides comprehensive electrical system mapping for commercial buildings, including:

  • Outlets, Switches, and General Lighting: CircuitIQ goes beyond the basics, mapping every outlet, switch, and lighting fixture connected to your electrical system.
  • Appliances and Equipment: Understand your building's energy consumption by mapping major appliances, HVAC systems, specialized machinery, and other equipment to their respective circuits.
  • Circuit Breaker Panels: Get a complete view of your electrical infrastructure with accurate, up-to-date breaker panel layouts.

A: CircuitIQ provides a comprehensive electrical system map, delivering these key benefits:

  • Complete system clarity: Know exactly what's connected to each circuit for accurate decision-making.
  • Easy reference and organization: Access up-to-date electrical layouts and professionally printed labels.
  • Faster troubleshooting: Resolve electrical issues quickly, minimizing downtime and disruptions.
  • Energy optimization potential: Discover overloaded circuits and opportunities for improved energy efficiency.
  • Increased safety: Reduce the risk of electrical accidents with a clear understanding of your wiring.

A: CircuitIQ helps you:

  • Save time and money on electrical work
  • Reduce safety hazards
  • Meet electrical code requirements
  • Manage your system easily with our app

A: Our system is faster and more accurate than traditional methods. Plus, we provide ongoing support through our app and detailed safety reporting, making us a comprehensive solution.

A: Contact us for a free quote or consultation. Let us show you how CircuitIQ revolutionizes electrical system management!

End contractor guesswork,

Enable best work.

It takes less time to do it right.

Without circuit identification, electricians waste time figuring out which breaker controls what. This leads to longer troubleshooting visits and higher costs for you. Stop circuit tracing one-by-one as needed, and circuit map them all at the same time. Do it once do it right and never do it again! Trace smarter.

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Mapping Service

#1 - Detailed mapping

- Detailed electrical mapping identifies the origin of every circuit.

#2 - Detailed labeling

Detailed labeling simplifies electrical panel navigation.

#3 - Updated Directories

Updated panel directories are vital for safety and efficiency.

#4 - Detailed inspection

Detailed electrical inspection report outlines hazards and necessary repairs

#5 - Smart Management

  • App-based electrical management for future updates and clean recordkeeping.

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