Revera Living Retirement Home

Ryan McCartney
  • ComTrade LTD were the electrical contractors hired to install the electrical system in a new retirement home during construction. This consisted of upwards of 20 electricians on site at the peak of construction.
  • ComTrade needed a mapping service because an employee had started mapping the circuits one by one and applying labels to the devices. The designation style used by the employee was  different from the style used on the drawings. The employee left the company along with all notations regarding the labelling completed so far.
  • ComTrade was required to label all receptacles in the facility and would have had to start from scratch and identify each circuit manually and individually, taking manual notes and transferring this information. CircuitIQ was able to map each circuit of a panel simultaneously and employ an automated label printing system to save time, effort and human error.
  • Building age - brand new construction turned over to operator the week after mapping.

Project Overview:

  • 3400 Morgan Avenue, London
  • 2 Floors + Basement
  • Total size = 80,000sqft
  • 18 panels
  • 788 circuit breakers
  • 1650 devices (plugs, lights, equipment)

The Circuit IQ Solution:

Total Mapping Service Time = 40 hours including mapping, device labelling, panel labelling, panel card printing
Required resources = 3 electricians * 40 hours * 11 rolls of labels (master, journeyman, 5th term)

  • 2800 sqft / 18 hours = 155 sqft/hour.
  • 80,000 sqft / 155 sqft/hour = 516 hours
  • 516 hours / 8 hours/day = 64.5 ~ 65 days
  • 65 days / 3 = 21.6 days

18 panel cards printed, 18 panels labelled, ~1500 receptacles labelled, online storage of as-built drawings, customer satisfaction!

During the mapping process, we identified dozens of circuits that were differing from the as-built drawings. Electricians had wired up panels and rooms that were different than planned and had not updated the drawings - which means any future work on the building may include inaccurate electrical drawings, and risk electrocution.

We also identified upwards of 20 receptacles that were defective or unpowered when they were supposed to be live. Rework completed in advance of equipment turnover, saving customer experience issues which would have gone unnoticed, and any risk of fire, and any penalty to contractor for unfinished work. This helped the contractors meet their deadline and electrical inspections. Adding 1 day of rework and saving multiple trips.