Superior North CDSB

Ryan McCartney
  • 9 schools in the SNCDSB completed several renovations in past years including building, mechanical, and electrical system improvements and installations.
  • Majority of the newly installed plugs, switches, and electrical circuits were left without labels identifying the electrical panel and circuit number.
  • Pre-existing circuits were re-routed and sourced from alternate electrical panels than what was labeled and identified on both panel and device

Project Details:

  • 9 Schools in the SNCDSB
  • Over 230,000 sqft Mapped in 9 Days!
    • OLO Fatima – 47,000 sqft
    • Holy Saviour – 39,000 sqft
    • OLO Lourdes – 33,000 sqft
    • St Joseph – 30,000 sqft
    • St Martin – 25,000 sqft
  • 82 Electrical Panels Updated & Re-labeled
    • 2967 Circuits Mapped
    • 3373 Devices Labeled
    • Several panels had no existing circuit directory
    • Various panels lacked panel identification
  • System Deficiencies Identified
    • Code violations and repairs identified
    • Security systems lacked UPS equipment
    • Boilers not utilizing auto-run sequences

The Circuit IQ Solution:

  • Updated Missing or Existing Labels
    Roughly 90% of existing devices were missing labels. Existing device labels were not updated during renovations, and the resulting condition created a more dangerous situation than no label at all! This was fixed & updated by CircuitIQ - THOUSANDS SAVED!
  • Digital and Physical Panel Directories & Labels
    Existing panel card directories and as-built drawings were digitally scanned and uploaded to each project, providing online shareable access and data retention. 82 panel cards printed, 82 panels and over 3000 receptacles and light switches labeled.
  • Back on Schedule
    Traditional methods would take months to complete and no method to display that information. CircuitIQ was able to map each circuit in a single pass and used an automated label printing system to save time, effort and human error - 4X FASTER!