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Risk-free, 90-day money back guarantee

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What Can CircuitIQ Automate.webp__PID:c8e6062d-56b8-4637-a36b-264318c4b1ab

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Still dealing with these?

Outdated circuit directories are a hassle! They cause inefficiencies and difficulties in providing effective service. Stop guessing, think CircuitIQ.


Still guessing with loads?

Balancing loads is essential. Knowing circuit capacities ensures even distribution, preventing overload and under-utilization. Digitize today.


Still using a breaker finder?

Start smart circuit tracing, ditch the breaker finder, supercharge your capabilities for precise electrical identification.


Still manual printing labels?

No more manual label keying. Automate label creation and printing! Embrace cutting-edge tools, and stop doing manual tedious tasks.

Risk-free, 90-day money back guarantee

Just ask Pablo!


Pablo Sanchez

Britelite Electric, Middletown, NY

"I initially thought it might be just another gimmick, but the excellent customer service and troubleshooting support from CircuitIQ proved me wrong. I wholeheartedly recommend it to other electricians facing similar challenges. It's an investment that pays off, and you won't regret it!”Thank you, CircuitIQ!


Stephen Rodriguez

Vyking Electric, Amarillo, TX

"All I can say is it is the most cutting edge and innovative approach to solving a problem that any craftsmen in the electrical field or otherwise has experienced.  I have been in the electrical contracting industry for over a decade and as a company owner this product is one of the very best investments I have ever made!”


Peter Robinson, Moncton NB

"CircuitIQ provides a professional solution to an otherwise messy task. It really does seamlessly build a detailed panel schedule while prints device circuit identification on the fly. Customer service is great and the team seems to always be working to improve their product. I look forward to future tools they add to the system!"

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It's easy to use!


Connect the gateway hub
Start by connecting the Gateway Hub to the Smart App so it can track all the Power Mappers.


Plug In your mappers
Plug our Smart Mappers plug into any standard electrical outlet and add their location into the app as you go.


Cycle the breakers
Follow the instructions in the Smart app to cycle the breakers on the panel. We'll track each device back to the breaker.


Review the data
Once the mapping is complete, print the results so that in an emergency, power can quickly be shut off.

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More tech coming!

We are thrilled to unveil our groundbreaking Light Switch Mapper, and as a token of appreciation for your loyalty, existing customers will have exclusive first access to early supplies. Get ready to revolutionize the way you map decora, toggle, or dimmer switches!

Elevate your electrical work


Panel upgrades

 - Understanding the existing circuit configuration helps ensure a balanced load on the new panel.

- A new circuit directory is necessary due to the differences between the new panel and the old panel.

-Including a digital panel mapping in your bid can set your service apart from others.

Early product champion

Pablo's Story of Success  

Pablo's story of success.

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Need a mapping service provider?

Just looking for a mapping service? If you connect with us, we can connect you with an Electrician that uses CircuitIQ in your local area!

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