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Superior North CDSB - CircuitIQ

Superior North CDSB

Dec 04, 2022 Ryan McCartney

Traditional methods would take months to complete and no method to display that information. CircuitIQ was able to map each circuit in a single pass and used an automated label printing system to save time, effort and human error - 4X FASTER!

Thunder Bay CSDCAB - CircuitIQ

Thunder Bay CSDCAB

Dec 04, 2022 Ryan McCartney

Roughly 30% of existing device labels showed the wrong electrical source or missing entirely. Existing device labels were not updated during renovations, and the resulting condition created a more dangerous situation than no label at all! This was fixed and updated by CircuitIQ.

Revera Living Retirement Home - CircuitIQ

Revera Living Retirement Home

Dec 04, 2022 Ryan McCartney

18 panel cards printed, 18 panels labelled, ~1500 receptacles labelled, online storage of as-built drawings, customer satisfaction!