The CircuitIQ Smart App

The Information You Need - At Your Fingertips!

The CircuitIQ Smart App gives you a digital summary of your electrical systems.

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    Use the App with your CircuitIQ hardware to automatically map your property's electrical system
    Keep track of multiple projects using a single login.
    Scan a panel's bar code to instantly see electrical information.
    Get notified of potential issues and circuit anomalies.

Take a Tour

Watch this short video to see the CircuitIQ Smart App in action!

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Mapping Made Easy

Our new technology automates everything from collecting the information, to printing the information, to storing the information for the life of the property. Providing you with accurate power mapping, printed labels, circuit breaker directories, and cloud access without breaking a sweat!

Identify Potential Risks

Our patented power mapping system can detect overloaded circuits, poor wiring conditions, and verify that all electrical code regulations and best-practices are in place! Soon, you will also be able to instantly generate home electrical inspection safety reports with the push of a button!

Manage Multiple Projects

Imagine you could manage all your customers' site information in one place... that is what we can do for you! We put the power right in your hand - no more digging through stacks of paperwork or dropbox files to find what you need. CircuitIQ will save you from wasting time and adding gray hairs!

View and Share Project Information

In the past, it might have been acceptable for a single worker to be the gatekeeper and go-to for information regarding a specific customer site. Not anymore. With CircuitIQ all of your team can be equally knowledgeable when it comes to customer site information.

Get the CircuitIQ App

The CircuitIQ App is available as a free download for both Android and iOS devices. Download the app to try it out for yourself or to view electrical information about your home or business if your panel has already been mapped by a CircuitIQ technician!

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