Home Inspectors Kit


Home Inspectors Kit


The Home Inspector Kit is your top solution to providing your client's clarity over their electrical system. Identify the circuits in a house in a fraction of the time it used to take and produce automatically generated circuit directories. For every panel on the property, the kit comes supplied with the Gateway Pro. It's up to 14 hours of use between charges. 30 electrical plug maps, 10 piece small adapter kit for lamp sockets. Two-piece large adapter kit for dryer and stove. The directory printer for circuit directories. A hundred sheets of 20 year thermal rated paper. Plus one free digital plug tester (with a $25.99 Canadian dollar value.) Pick up your home inspector kit today!

Included In This Kit

  • Premium Gateway (Up to 14 Hours of use between charges)
  • 30 Electrical plug Mappers 
  • 10 - Lamp Socket Adapters
  • 30 Amp Plug Adapter
  • 50 Amp Plug Adapter
  • Panel Card Printer
  • 100 Sheets - 20 Year Rated Thermal Paper 
  • Plus 1 Free Digital Plug Tester ($28.59CAD Value)