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Accurately trace power on multiple circuits at the same time from any distance and get a clear picture of true-as-built conditions.

How CircuitIQ Power Mappers Work

Efficiently map and analyze the power distribution of your circuit designs with CircuitIQ's Power Mapper tool. Our patented technology lets you map any size job; from a few plugs, to an entire warehouse in one go. Customize your own kit with as many mappers as you need and select the add-ons that work best for you!

1. Connect the Gateway Hub 

Start by connecting the Gateway Hub to the Smart App so it can track all the Power Mappers. 

2. Plug In your Mappers

Plug our Smart Mappers plug into any standard electrical outlet and add their location into the app as you go. 

3. Cycle the Panel

Follow the instructions in the Smart App to cycle the breakers on the panel. We'll track each Mapper back to the Breaker. 

4. Review the Data

Trace the power through the entire property and find capacity issues in seconds. 

Get The Most Out Of Your CircuitIQ System

Every job you do is unique and we have the ability to help you with them all. If you're just doing a one time scan, or managing a large building, we have the tools an accessories to keep you covered. 

Rugged Carrying Case

Included with 18 plug kits and larger.  Keep your investment safe and secure. 

Panel Card Printer

Print and updated panel card instantly. 


We have a variety of adapters for any type of connection so you're not yelling up the stairs for that one weird plug.

Label Printer

Print plug and switch labels as you go to make sure everyone knows how to turn off the power. 

Put It To The Test

See how Circuit IQ stacks up against the competition!

FeatureCircuitIQOther Circuit Finders
Accurate Readings100% Accuracy 60-80%
Safety Testing YesNo
Testing Range Any DistanceLimited
Testing Capacity Multiple Simultaneously Single Circuit
Data Capture Digitally captures, analyzes & stores Manual
Labelling Automates directories, labels & reports Manual

Stop guessing, and get the job done. 

No job is too big or too small for CircuitIQ. We're so confident we can save you time and find you more work we're offering a Money Back Guarantee

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