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Easily Map Out Your Electrical System: Mapping Tool, App and Video Tutorials to Help You Understand Your Electrical At Home

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How It Works

Experience the magic of CircuitIQ: Step-by-step videos and a straightforward tool, make minor electrical work a breeze


Uncover what is really going on with your electrical system 


Learn quickly with our expert tutorials, made by real Electricians


Power off, then replace plugs, switches, and fixtures safely


Use our testing tools to make sure the work you do is safe and correct

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DIY Electrical Upgrades Made Easy with CircuitIQ

Imagine being able to replace outdated outlets, switches, and fixtures on your own

Map Home's Electrical System with Circuit IQ

Experience the power

Become a Home Electrical Pro with Circuit IQ's Easy-to-Use Tool

Maximize Your Safety, Time, and Money 

  • Be Safe
    Turn off power with 100% accuracy
  • Save Time 
    Stop guessing and know your power
  • Save Money
    Do it yourself for 10% of the normal cost

Save Money, Time, and Stress with DIY Electrical Repairs

Imagine the satisfaction of tackling your own electrical projects and saving money on professional labor


Save yourself the cost of hiring a professional electrician


Choose the timing that works best for you and your schedule


Experience the satisfaction of maintaining & improving your home


Gain a deeper understanding of your home's electrical system

Our Story

"As a DIY-savvy homeowner, I know firsthand the value of a solution that's both easy to use and cost-effective. CircuitIQ has proven to be a game-changer for many homeowners, streamlining their projects and saving them money on labor costs. Don't let electrical projects stress you out - CircuitIQ has the tools and expertise to make it easy!"

Luke Begley
Co-Founder and CEO

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