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CircuitIQ was initially created to solve a problem we personally experienced and has since expanded into a complete solution to solve a number of power management challenges.

“We realized quickly that mapping circuits one by one was not a good solution…”

… so we created a solution that would not only locate multiple circuits at the same time but would also be 100% accurate regardless of the distance or site conditions. We value our customers time, energy and most importantly their safety!

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Meet the founders of CircuitIQ and learn how we first started!

Our Team

Our team of industry experts includes experts in both the electrical and startup space.

Luke Begley

CEO & Co-Founder

Travis Dunn

CTO & Co-Founder

Jacob Cobb

Electrical Engineer, R&D

Mike Cripps

Customer Success

Corey Zimmer

Software Developer

Tyler Allen

Software Developer

Joshua Masse


Max Papineau

Sales Acct. Manager

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Circuit IQ

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Voltage Testing Tools: Ensuring Electrical Safety and Precision Measurements - CircuitIQ

Voltage Testing Tools: Ensuring Electrical Safety and Precision Measurements

Jun 05, 2023 Luke Begley

Voltage testing tools are essential for electricians and professionals working with electrical systems. From verifying voltage presence to measuring precise voltage levels, these tools ensure safety, efficiency, and compliance with regulations. Investing in high-quality voltage testing tools enhances safety, accuracy, and productivity, allowing professionals to troubleshoot issues and provide top-notch service. With advancements in technology, voltage testing tools continue to evolve, offering greater functionality and improved safety features. Equip yourself with reliable voltage testing tools to handle any electrical challenge and prioritize accuracy and safety in your work.

"Unveiling SESM - Smart Electrical System Management: A Revolution in the Electrical Industry"

Jun 03, 2023 Luke Begley

"Smart Electrical System Management is revolutionizing the electrical trade, introducing unprecedented efficiency, safety, and precision. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies like digital twinning and power mapping, it provides real-time, accurate insights into electrical systems. This shifts the industry from reactive practices to proactive, intelligence-driven operations. Learn more about this transformative approach and how CircuitIQ is leading the charge in this revolution."